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Everyone needs a Will.

No really, everyone needs a Will as well as a Lasting Power of Attorney.

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Wills Solicitor

No really, everyone needs a Will as well as a Lasting Power of Attorney.


You’ve worked hard to get what you have. Your material things are evidence of the many hours you’ve sacrificed in accumulating your property. Why should the law govern who gets what when it lies within your power to do so?

Bridgers Solicitors are specialist wills solicitor, we will meet you, discuss your needs and work together with any financial or tax advisor to ensure that your Will not only reflects your wishes, but is also is the most tax efficient way of dealing with your assets so that all the hard work doesn’t end up in the hands of the Taxman.

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAS)

“I’ll get one when I’m older” you may think. Why then and not now? Well you may think that you are quite capable of dealing with your affairs and will look at this in your golden years. This may be true but what would happen if at a young age you could no longer make financial decisions regarding your health? Who would make those decisions? Your partner or spouse? Your children?

What would happen if you were involved in an accident and survived but the injuries are of such a nature that you were unable to work and unable to make any decisions? Who would pay your mortgage? How would the bills get paid?

There is an unfortunate incident where this happened to a young man of 30. He survived but went into a coma. As he owned their house with his wife she could not sell the house as there was no Lasting Power of Attorney allowing her to do so. With three small children she could not afford the costs to go to court to get permission to do so. The bank repossessed their home.

Assigning power of Attorney could have avoided all of the above.It’s really important. It really is.

Speak to us. It’s the responsible thing to do.

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