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Please use our online calculator or give us a call for a bespoke quote.

Our fees from conveyancing range from £900-£3000 plus 20% VAT depending on whether it’s a freehold, leasehold, shared ownership or you are using the Help to Buy Scheme.

There are no hidden costs and our fees are fixed.

When buying a property relying on searches are recommended. These are usually a water and drainage search, a Local Authority Search and an Environmental Search. These cost £210 incl. VAT. Additional searches will depend on the type such as coal mining searches.

The Land Registry fees vary depending on the purchase price as they use a sliding scale. Their registration fees for a purchase start at £135 upwards. They do not charge VAT.

Sometimes when selling a property, indemnity insurance policies are required and are generally paid by the seller. Their costs depend on the nature and property price but start at around £100 upwards and there is no VAT but there is an Insurance Premium Tax.

When selling a leasehold you often have to pay the Managing Agents and/or the Freeholder for their packs. We will only know what these costs are once we have written to them and we will then tell you.

When buying a leasehold there are often requirements by the Managing Agent and/or Freeholder and they charge you when you meet these requirements. Once again we will tell you what they are as soon as we know them.


These do not affect our fees.

If you are using an unregulated Lender or Bridging Finance then our fees may be slightly higher depending on the transaction.

A typical purchase and sale take round 6-8 weeks to complete

We always act in your best interest and act independently for you.

We have relationships with various estate agents as well as mortgage brokers who refer us work based on the mutual trust that has developed over time.

Some of these estate agents and mortgage brokers have a referral fee arrangement with us where we pay between £150 and £200 for referring you to us. We shall tell you if we are paying a referral fee at the outset of the matter. The fees above included that fee so that you are able to compare the cost of our services with any other solicitors.

We charge fixed fees for probate matters and our fees range from £700 up to around £7,000 Plus 20% VAT, depending on the complexity. We will tell you what our fees are at the outset before we start work so that you know.

Once all the documentation has been collated the it takes about 4 weeks for the Grant of Probate to be issued. Once issued it will then take about 6-9 months to finalise the estate although interim distributions may be able to be made in the meantime.

The fee for the application is set by the Probate Office. Currently it costs £215 to apply for probate if the value of the estate is more than £5,000. It’s free if the value is less.



We charge a fixed fee for assisting you if you have been charged with the following offences relating to driving your motor vehicle whether it’s speeding or driving whist under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Our fees are £750 plus 20% VAT for attending court. This includes a consultation with you beforehand.

We deal with the more serious matters of Dangerous Driving, Death by Dangerous Driving, Death by Careless Driving as well as typically instruct an excellent barrister to represent you. However, the decision is yours. We will discuss this with you at the time.


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The internet has exposed us to a wealth of information which is great as it allows us choice. Sometimes there is an information overload and when it comes to deciding which solicitor you would like to walk beside you as they all advertise honesty, integrity and client care.

Of course these principles are part of our DNA and therefore characteristic of everyone at Bridger’s Law.

We are problem solvers offering solutions and use the latests technology ensuring that you receive unrivalled service without sacrificing the personal touch.

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