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Criminal Law

We offer fixed fees for both police station as well as court matters.

Duane Bridger has going on 30 years experience dealing with criminal matters ranging from the most heinous murders to driving matters and public order offences and is able to assist you with any criminal matters

He has attended approximately 5,000 police interviews and represented clients in both the Magistrates’, Crown Courts and at the Royal Courts of Justice in the Criminal Court of Appeal.

Here is a particularly interesting case which Duane was involved with.

He is able to advise you on the strength of the case as well as the sentencing guidelines.

We also use barristers from the top chambers ensuring that your matter has the best possible outcome.


Police Station Interviews

If the police have asked you to pop down to the police station for a “chat” then the chances are that you will be interviewed under PACE.

We are able to attend the police station with you if you are attending by appointment or if a solicitor has been requested following an arrest.

Judicial Reviews

This is a particularly tricky area of law and not one that should be ventured into lightly. The time frames are usually not only strict but tight.

This is utilised when it is said that somewhere along the line the system has got in wrong. It is used to rectify errors made by public bodies whether it be the Police, Courts, Home Office or Tribunal. The error needs to be wholly unreasonable.

We only offer Judicial reviews relating to criminal matters.

Driving Matters

The Road Traffic Act is a minefield for the layman and conviction may lead to you having points on your license or being disqualified from driving. Whilst some may be fortunate to rely on public transport this may affect others who risk losing their job and without an income lose their home and place strain on their relationships not to mention alternative arrangements for childcare.

Driving whilst disqualified is a serious offence and is probably the one offence which routinely sees those who disregard the bans routinely being imprisoned.

We are able to advise you on the strength of your case and your prospects of successfully defending the matter.

Should you accept the allegation, then we will assist you with your sentencing compiling your mitigation so that your circumstances, the facts surrounding the incident and the application of the law, are presented in a favourable manner to the court.

Non-Molestation Orders

This is an order issued by the court preventing one party from contacting another. Although they are usually issued when a relationship breaks down and one party no longer wishes to have any contact with the other they are also issued in other circumstances. The court must be satisfied that it is necessary.

Breaching a Non-Molestation Order is serious and routinely results in a term of imprisonment.

Many people think that if the contact is initiated by the person who applied for the order then that is acceptable. It’s not. It is a crime to do so even if responding to an invite such as a text or email.

A breach may be serious enough to direct that the matter be dealt with in the Crown Court.

Violent Allegations

There is always two sides to a story. We are able to present yours. A conviction for an offence of violence limits the scope of work that you may do especially where children, vulnerable people or the public (such as taxi drivers) are concerned.

In some cases you may be prevented from travelling to certain countries.

We listen, apply the law to your circumstances and then advise you.
Sometimes expert witnesses are required or CCTV footage needs to be obtained. We will do this for you and advise you of the cost before we do.

Proceeds Of Crime Act

We analyse the application and advise as to whether you should utilise a forensic accountant to disprove the Crown’s allegations. A failure to comply with a POCA Order may result in an additional term of imprisonment which is served consecutively to any other prison term. After the prison sentence has been served then the money will, still be due and you may be taken back to court.

Any amount due accrues interest even if you are a serving prisoner.

Dishonesty Offences

• Fraud (including allegations pertaining to tax and VAT)
• Theft (from shoplifting through to serious allegation of theft from employer)
• Corruption
• Bribery

Sexual Offence Allegations

• Grooming
• Breach of Sexual Offences Prevention Order
• Sexual assault by touching

Drug Offences

• Possession of Class A (Cocaine, Heroine) or B (Cannabis, Amphetamine) drugs
• Importation of Drugs
• Supplying Drugs
• Cultivating

Bankruptcy Offences

Companies Act Contraventions

Public Order Offences


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