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Bridging Finance Residential Property

Bridging Finance for a residential property is often utilised where time is of the essence and funds are required quickly or where the loan is short term to say do up a property and then either obtain a standard mortgage or sell it.

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Lending Requirements

Each lender has their own requirements and often instruct their own solicitors who often have pages of enquires which we will deal with on your behalf gleaning information from you and the documents that we have obtained.

Time is money. We save you by moving swiftly and efficiently.

As Bridging Finance for residential property is seen as a short term option the interest rates may not be as favourable as the High Street Lenders and their product fees are often also higher.

A typical Bridging Finance for a residential property application is finalised within 2-3 weeks although where urgent we have managed to do so in a week.

You will know exactly what you are borrowing and what the terms are before you complete so no nasty surprises when you wish to redeem the loan.

We have a portfolio of investment clients and a wealth of experience in dealing with these complex loans.


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