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We specialise in all matters relating to remortgaging your property. We provide a quick and personalised service combined with the latest technology and case management systems.

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In today’s world prudent property owners know when their fixed rates are coming to an end and to start looking for better rates.

Most if not all Lenders do require up to date searches (Local Authority, Water and Drainage and Environmental Searches) although some may be willing to accept a no search indemnity policy which is quicker and cheaper.

The benefit of re-mortgaging is that you are able to:

1.      Get a better rate

2.      Free up some cash

3.      Lower your monthly payments by either extending the term (this will take you longer to pay it off) or by getting a lower interest rate.

Bridger’s Law aim to get this done swiftly ensuring that you maximise the benefit as soon as possible thereby having more of your hard earned money in your pocket at the end of every month.


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