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Whether you are an investor, developer, landlord or tenant of commercial property, Bridgers Law can support you with all legal aspects: from the simple buying and selling, to securing finance, including loans, bridging finance, and mortgages.

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So…you’ve done the maths and its costing you an arm and a leg to rent so you’ve decided to buy your own premises from where you wish to work or perhaps this is a shrewd move to gain a tax advantage with your pension scheme? Commercial Property covers a broad range of property from a single office or shop front, pubs, to great shopping malls and office towers. We also assist in buying business together with the property or where the lease of a property is being taken over together with the business. Whatever your motive there is a lot of investigation required when buying commercial property such as permitted use, leases, restraint of trades, non-competition agreement (if you’re buying from a business similar to your own), pensions using SIPPS (Self Invested Personal Pension) or perhaps simply as an investor. Let’s see you through.

A competent solicitor acting for any buyer will no doubt raise enquiries and we know where to get this information should you not have it to hand. It is always quicker if you have all the documentation to hand allowing us to analyse the enquiry and deal with it based on the paperwork and information you provide us with but sometimes things go missing and we need to find a solution which is what we do.
Commercial Property may be funded in various ways and it is best to speak to your mort-gage broker or Independent Financial Advisor as we don’t provide any financial or tax ad-vice.


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